"What Happened to the Kids?", nuevo EP de Aires and Graces

Aires and Graces es una banda que pese a llevar activa un año escaso, está pegando muy fuerte en Estados Unidos. Tras su EP debut, titulado "Hope & Fortitude", atacan de nuevo con "What Happened to the Kids?", un EP 7" que será editado tanto en el continente americano por Longshot Music, como en el europeo, a cargo del madrileño sello True Force. Se espera que esté a la venta, en el próximo mes de Abril.

Los cuatro temas que componen el EP, pueden ser escuchados íntegramente en el Myspace oficial de la banda.

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timothy radar dijo...

Aires & Graces - "What Happened to the Kids?" EP—Maximum RocknRoll #314-- Top notch! Seriously, this band is the goods. You know when you have that one friend who doesn't like "street punk" stuff, but you try to convince them that they just haven't heard the right band? This is one of 'em! I'm talking about skillful melodic punk with raspy-yet-harmonic vocals, like early SWINGIN' UTTERS or the BELTONES. This EP is fantastic along those lines, and maybe I'd throw in a little bit of NAKED RAYGUN as a sound reference as well. Lots of "wooahs" to sing along to on this one, but it's not overkill, and the lyrics are ecellent. Seriously, you need to check these guys out. Top ten this month for sure! -- Bob Goldie

You can find it at: www.interpunk.com

you can also find it through the label Longshot http://www.longshotmusic.com/

http://www.cockroachmedia.com/ carries Longshot releases including “What Happened to the Kids?”

True Force Records is busy working with distributors in Europe and Japan. They are working with distros in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland and Japan.

For German you can order the record through Bandworm at http://www.oi-punk.com/shop/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=22334

In Italy you can get it at: http://rawvinyl.altervista.org/